"At KENJI CBD we go above and beyond to craft our products with organically grown, NON-GMO, pesticide-free CBD that is farmed in Colorado."

Quality Standards

For us, the CBD process begins well before the seed. We have taken the time to carefully select suppliers that adhere to our strict standards including health-conscious, sustainable practices as well as eco-responsible methods.

Our roots start with fresh ingredients.


Throughout the entire growth process, the hemp plants that our CBD is derived from are diligently cared for. At no time are chemicals or toxins introduced to dilute purity.

Once grown, the hemp is expertly cultivated and harvested using only the most reliable, trustworthy methods.


Following harvesting, we use state-of-the-art technology to extract the highest quality of CBD.

Proud to offer nothing but best-in-class formulas, all of our products include full-spectrum CBD hemp extract. Our CBD oil and gummies are USDA organic certified.


To ensure you receive only the most wonderful, high-quality CBD, we lab test three times during the process from raw materials to our wonderful finished products and offer full transparency on all results.



Finally our storage and shipping process includes careful bottling, housing and shipping directly from our warehouse.

Full integrity from seeding to doorstep.