CBD comes all the way from the green farms of hemp plants; it is nature's gift to human beings. Being one of the dozens of cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant, it supports the Endocannabinoid system to keep the homeostatic functions on track. The popularity of CBD in such a short time led to massive development in the CBD industry and the evolution of essential CBD oil in numerous products. Each company now comes up with a unique product that serves CBD enthusiasts differently. Choosing the best CBD products at such a time can be complicated.

Nonetheless, you can make a perfect choice if you know all the pros and cons of different CBD products, the most prominent being CBD oil, CBD gummies, capsules, gels, and salves. Thus, this article will help you know the complete features of all these products; moreover, we will link some unique CBD products that you won't regret buying to save time and money further.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol, generally famous as CBD, is one of the two main and most abundant Cannabinoids of the Cannabis plant. It has been a taboo for years because of its association with Marijuana; it has not been long since the world found out that CBD isn't that bad. Now, federal laws allow all CBD products derived from hemp with a THC concentration of less than 0.3%.

Does CBD Work?

Endocannabinoids are naturally existing Cannabinoids in the body that operate the Endocannabinoid system. CBD also plays the same role; the only difference is that CBD is a phytocannabinoid that comes from plants. It interacts with Cannabinoid receptors to regulate the homeostatic mechanisms inside the body, improving life quality by all means.

What does Research say about CBD?

Research is a crucial factor in the progress of CBD; researchers constantly worked to find out the scope of CBD. Although much research is still needed and going on, evidence and studies have proved that the collaboration between CBD and ECS enhances the overall quality of life by keeping the physiological and psychological functions on the right track.

Is CBD Legal?

The short answer is "YES." As discussed above, Farm Bill Law 2018 removed hemp from the list of controlled substances and allowed the consumption and trade of hemp CBD products with a THC value of less than 0.3%. Although CBD with legal THC concentration is now permitted at the Federal level, each state has its own CBD laws. We recommend checking your state's CBD laws.

Common CBD Terminologies:

Learning some jargon related to CBD and Cannabis will help you better understand CBD-based knowledge. Here is a breakdown of the commonly used CBD terminologies to help you with your CBD journey and research.

Cannabidiol The full form of CBD, a phytocannabinoid abundantly found in Cannabis.
Hemp A strain of Cannabis Sativa with minimal THC and abundant CBD.
Psychoactive The substance that may make you feel high.
Terpenes Substances that impart flavor and aroma to plants.
Bioavailability The amount of CBD that becomes part of the blood.
Certificate of Analysis (COA) Third-party lab testing report of each batch of every product that checks for the potency, pesticides, and heavy metals.
CBD Isolate An extremely filtered and purest form of CBD.
Full Spectrum CBD CBD with minimal filtration contains all contents of the whole hemp plant, including THC.
Broad Spectrum CBD CBD with all contents of the hemp plant except THC.

What CBD Products are Available?

You may feel your head pounding on your first visit to a CBD shop; the variety of CBD products will leave you stuck. Each day a new CBD product comes on the market; you can avail anything in hemp flavor, whether it's bubble gum or shampoo, tissue paper, or chocolate bar. However, CBD oil, CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, CBD salves, and CBD gels are the top-selling CBD products that need no certification.

How to choose the best CBD products for a Beginner?

Don't panic if doubts regarding the right choice surround you; all the CBD experts have been in the same boat as beginners. Before we move on to the features and usage of different products, let's go through the general rules of picking out the best CBD product.

Check for the third-party Lab Results: Reliable companies are never hesitant in conducting and sharing third-party lab testing reports with consumers. Most of them have their lab test results on the website; the others may provide them on inquiry. A company's refusal to provide a COA or report is a big red flag.

Consumer Reviews: You may ask about a company from your acquaintances or look for consumer reviews on the company's website.

Choose Right CBD Type: Look for a CBD product that fits your needs. Full-spectrum CBD will impart an entourage effect; broad-spectrum CBD products are devoid of THC but contain terpenes and other Cannabinoids. However, CBD isolate is only CBD in its purest form.

Best CBD Oil:

Before we lead you to the best CBD oil you can ever get in the market, let's see if we even need CBD oil or not.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD from the Cannabis Sativa plant is later diluted with a carrier oil to formulate CBD oil. It is legal federally if its derived from hemp with a THC content less than 0.3%. Furthermore, it is one of the most basic CBD products that sell like hot cakes because of the diversity it offers.

Features, Benefits, and Specifications of CBD Oil:

CBD oil comes in various types; look for the ingredients to check the type of CBD oil if it's not mentioned on the label. CBD oil with THC is none other than Full-spectrum CBD; it doesn't have enough THC to elicit psychoactive effects, but it imparts an entourage effect. Broad-spectrum CBD has all ingredients but THC; CBD isolate has nothing but CBD. Go for CBD isolate if you want to avoid THC and other Cannabinoids.

CBD oil comes in different potencies, and you must choose the potency that suits your needs.

CBD oil kicks the Endocannabinoid system to work more efficiently, reportedly by inhibiting the breakdown of Endocannabinoids. CB1 receptors in CNS affect the general mood, memory, sleep, and other brain functions. On the other hand, CB2 receptors are present in the periphery, I.e., the gastrointestinal tract, where they keep the gastrointestinal and other systemic functions in check. In short, ECS handles the critical processes in the body, and CBD backs up those essential functions to induce physical and mental wellness.

Who Uses It?

People who intend to manage their critical homeostatic mechanisms safely believe in the wonders of CBD oil. People from all age groups and all professions, especially athletes, value CBD oil for its due importance. It is particularly convenient for those who prefer oral means of consumption. Thereby, anyone who faces a strict schedule and unwell body conditions can consider CBD oil to experience relaxation and change the game!

Final Thoughts about the Products:

CBD oil is versatile; you can use it orally and sublingually. Some people even superficially massage drops of CBD oil on the skin to obtain topical effects. Measuring precise dosage every time may be a little tricky, but you are free to alter the dosage as per your need.

Pricing and Recommendation:

KENJI CBD offers high-quality CBD oil in different measurements. We take pride in being highly reputable; there is no reason to say no to our third-party tested CBD oil. Our Full-spectrum CBD oil comes in intact bottles of 500 mg, 1000 mg, and 1500 mg; the prices range from 69$ to 149$.

Best CBD Gummies:

If you are a busy bee or don’t like the taste of CBD oil, CBD gummies are for you! Let's look at how CBD gummies can change your life.

What are CBD Gummies?

Miniature, colorful, chewable bites at a CBD store immediately attract your senses. These are CBD-infused gelatinized chunks that one can consume on the go. Companies infuse CBD and other nutrients in these gummies to impart additional effects.

Features, Benefits, and Specification of CBD Gummies:

CBD gummies come with a fixed CBD amount, and thus, it ensures a precise dosage. It comes in different flavors, and some companies may offer different potencies. You can always double up the dosage by taking two gummies.

CBD gummies offer the same effects and benefits as CBD oil since the main ingredient is common. However, CBD gummies can't be taken sublingually; thus, it becomes a part of the body only through the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, they take 30 minutes to an hour to elicit desired effects, unlike sublingual CBD consumption, which pushes the impact to the surface quicker, i.e., in up to 15 minutes.

We recommend starting with a lower dose and eventually increasing it until you feel the desired effects.

Who Uses It?

CBD gummies are a product of choice if you are someone who is always on the go. Consuming CBD gummies requires no measurements; you just need to take a gummy and chew the goodness out of it.

It is also a perfect option for those who don’t like the natural taste of hemp; the flavors impart a great taste to gummies imparting the original earthy taste of Cannabis.

Final Thoughts about the Product:

CBD gummies offer a discrete and flavorful way to consume CBD. Nonetheless, keep your kids away from the CBD gummies, as there is a big chance that you may wake up to an empty container one day.

Pricing and Recommendation:

KENJI CBD gummies are free of artificial color, flavor, preservative, or sweetener. One CBD gummy contains 20 mg CBD which is an appropriate average dosage. 600 mg of these all-natural and vegan-friendly gummies cost 69$.

Best CBD Capsules:

CBD capsules offer a quick way to obtain concise CBD dosage. They are the perfect alternative for people who don't like the natural taste of CBD.

What are CBD Capsules? (Softgels)

CBD capsules consist of gelatinized casing that encases a particular amount of CBD oil of fixed potency. At KENJI we use plant based gelatin.

Feature, Benefits, and Specifications of CBD Capsules:

CBD capsule is a highly desirable product for those who seek an option to enjoy precisely measured CBD oil without self-measuring it every time before consumption. Companies come up with CBD capsules of different fixed dosages and potencies.

It may have either of Full-spectrum, Broad-spectrum, or pure CBD Isolate oil and it imparts the benefits and effects accordingly. Reliable companies offer plant based vegan-friendly CBD capsules. KENJI softgel capsules are made with plant based gelatin (Cassava Root based Tapioca Gelatin).

Who uses it?

CBD capsules offer a great choice for seniors who find it hard to measure precise dosage each time. It is also helps athletes and other workers having a busy and active lifestyle. They are the perfect CBD product for To-Go!

Final Thoughts about the Product:

CBD capsule is a fast mean of delivering CBD. One can always consider these capsules to have perfect tracking of their dosages to analyze the effects and increase or decrease the dosage accordingly.

Pricing and Recommendation:

We offer vegan-friendly and gluten-free CBD softgel capsules that contain a precise amount of 30mg CBD per capsule. Our CBD capsules are vegan friendly and you can get them at the best deal of $89 for 900mg CBD per bottle.

Best CBD Muscle Salve:

Here comes a life savior for athletes and workout enthusiasts.

What is CBD Muscle Salve?

Any gel, cream, or spray infused with CBD that promotes the wellness of muscles is marketed as CBD muscle salve. Like CBD gummies and CBD oil, most companies favor consumers by adding other healing components in the CBD muscle salve to fasten the muscle healing and recovery.

Features, Benefits, and Specifications of CBD Muscle Salve:

CBD muscle salves are solely formulated to support muscles and soft tissues. The amalgam of CBD and carrier oil is set to a particular consistency to allow its absorption in the skin. The mechanism of action of CBD muscle salve and its efficiency is still under study, but it helps the Endocannabinoid system exert influence on CB2 receptors that activate an immune response.

Thereby, CBD muscle salve aids ECS in dealing with minor athlete-related injuries and disorders like chafing, dry skin, bruising blisters, and muscle soreness. However, CBD is not a therapeutic drug. Still, it can potentially reduce the recovery period and ensure fast healing through its influence on the Endocannabinoid system.

Who Uses It?

CBD muscle salve is most popular among athletes and workout enthusiasts who suffer from muscles and soft tissue wear and tear every day. CBD naturally allows them to get fitter at a fast pace so they can be all set to ace the next game in no time. Needless to say, it is a hot selling product in gym stores.

Final Thoughts about CBD Muscle Salve:

CBD muscle salve is what your athlete friend will love as a gift. It is the best treat or post-success gift that a workout enthusiast can give to himself on accomplishing a goal. CBD muscle salve may help you with your sore and stiff muscles if you do strenuous physical work at the office. Once you have got your hands on the suitable CBD muscle salve, the game is over for the muscle aches and other minor musculoskeletal issues.

Pricing and Recommendation:

KENJI CBD muscle salve is an athlete-friendly product that absorbs completely into the skin to soothe your superficial skin and muscle layers. It is a natural product that comes in a travel-friendly container; you can get it for a great deal of 39$ for a 300 mg CBD salve.

Best CBD Muscle Gel Roll-On:

CBD exclusively honors those who keep up with the physical struggle every day. Your muscles work throughout the day, and even when you are sleeping, it's not you but your muscles that need the energy to keep going. It's not you who gets fatigued; it's your muscles. It's not you who needs rest; it's again? Yes, your muscles! CBD muscle gel roll-on suits everyone who might need to consume CBD gel superficially on the go, I.e., during a race competition.

What is CBD Muscle Gel?

A CBD muscle gel roll-on is like a roll-on deodorant you take out of your pocket and roll over the skin to get the desired effect. CBD muscle gel roll-ons are infused with CBD, and every time a person rolls it over the skin, it leaves a thin layer of CBD that nourishes the skin and gets absorbed to elicit the desired effects.

Features, Benefits, and Specifications of CBD Muscle Gel Roll-Ons:

CBD muscle gel roll-on is a portable and quick way to induce wellness in your muscles and tendons. CBD gel's function is the same as that of CBD muscle salve; however, it offers an easier application.

Who Uses It?

Athletes and people who have to perform intense physical activity at workplaces keep CBD muscle gel roll-ons in their bags. It allows them to relish the perks of CBD any time during the day. Laborers and workout enthusiasts put all their trust in CBD muscle gel roll-ons, knowing it has their back.

Final Thoughts about CBD Muscle Gel:

We think you don't need a second thought about purchasing CBD muscle gel roll-on. It is a perfect blend of convenience, portability, relief, and recovery. You won't regret your purchase if you buy the product from a reputable CBD company.

Pricing and Recommendations:

Getting hands on KENJI CBD's muscle gel roll-on will be the beginning of a streak of purchases from our highly reputable brand. All natural and lab-tested CBD muscle gel roll-on is available in 1000 mg packaging for only 59$, offering relief and quick recovery for a long time.

CBD Buying Guide: How to Shop for CBD Products:

The best CBD product is now a click away, but your best can be a person's worst. There are a few things that you must undertake to make a quick and correct purchase.

Understand your Needs:

A better understanding of your condition will help you make the right choice. CBD oil's sublingual use is best in all cases. However, CBD gummies are for you if you want to avoid the natural taste of hemp. Furthermore, the systemic abnormalities require oral or sublingual CBD consumption, ensuring that CBD gets dissolved in blood and vice versa.

Look for the Organic Product:

Additives by the manufacturer may change the overall structure and functionality of CBD in a CBD product. Nonetheless, a company that uses organic hemp avoids chemicals, unnecessary preservatives, and sweeteners. Certified organic products serve best in this regard; certifications and lab test reports further add to the authenticity of a product.


Q: How to find a Quality CBD Product?

A: Evaluating based on six factors can help you grab the high-quality CBD product. Keep these factors at your fingertips; Ingredients, lab testing, customer reviews, hemp source, THC concentration, your needs, and the company's transparency. Measure the standard of a product keeping these seven factors in the back of your head, and your purchase will be your best investment for your wellness.

Q: How to Use CBD?

A: There are multiple ways to experience the effects of CBD. Oral consumption through capsules, gummies, and oils is common. However, sublingual use through tinctures and inhalation through CBD vapes are the quickest to elicit the effects. One can go on with the CBD topicals by massaging them on the skin to obtain localized impacts. Although these are the most common ways, CBD tissues, shampoos, and skincare products are now on the shelves as well!

Q: Which type of CBD is the best?

A: CBD is best in all its forms. Your needs determine which CBD type will be the best for you. Full-spectrum CBD is your best if you want to experience the entourage effect. If you wish to combine the effects of CBD, terpenes, and other Cannabinoids but not THC, Broad-spectrum CBD will fulfill your demand, and CBD isolate is what you get when you look for the purest CBD.

Q: How much CBD should you take?

A: Start with a low CBD dosage and increase it until you get the desired effect; it's your "sweet spot."

Q: How to start using CBD?

A: Start using CBD after conducting complete research on the product and the type that works best for your needs. Then move on to access the right potency to get started.

Q: Is CBD safe for everyone?

A: CBD is generally safe for everyone, but some consumers have reported fatigue, dizziness, nausea, and reduced appetite. Drug interactions should also be considered.

Q: Does CBD show up on a drug test?

A: A drug test doesn't look for CBD in your body, but it may detect the slightest amount of THC in some cases. Therefore, it is better to avoid consuming CBD a few weeks before the drug test.

Q: What does CBD Product Label Mean?

A: CBD product label refers to the label on the packaging of CBD products that mentions the ingredients and concentration of main Cannabinoids. There are laws regarding CBD labeling as well.

Q: Where should a Person buy CBD?

A: A person should buy CBD from a reputable source supported by consumer reviews. Such a company gets its products tested by a third-party lab and shares its results with the customers.

Q: Is taking CBD every day bad for you?

A: Overdosage adverse effects of CBD have not been reported yet. Taking CBD consistently daily hasn't shown any harmful effects and, thus, is safe.


Congratulations, your quest has ended; you have leads to all the best CBD products. For instance, our Full-spectrum CBD oil is sourced from organic hemp. It offers the vegan-friendly option to everyone seeking a natural source of inducing relaxation and wellness in his life.

If you are still confused, visit our website i.e., Kenji CBD and look at customer reviews that reflect a consumer's trust in our products. Try yourself, but be warned about getting mesmerized by nature's finest product once our product is in your hand.


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